Hello, and....

*Welcome to your diet's worst nightmare

FOR THE LOVE OF FOOD, if there is ever a time where you get to throw your diet to the wind, this is it. The very best, most unique, most delicious, most creative, most decadent affair you have ever had with food is about to greet you. 

What it Culinary Teambuilding you ask?

It is a world of decadence designed to thrill your palate and elevate your team connection while having the best time ever! Corporate leadership training taken to a whole new level. 

SEM's Culinary Teambuilding is a highly exclusive program designed by certified corporate leadership instructors and emmy award winning food television producers, featuring Vegas' most acclaimed Chefs and surprise guest appearances. Judging panels of national and international food icons up the ante, and make our Culinary Teambuilding a treasure of delicious and extraordinary results for you and your organization. 

Our Culinary Teambuilding programs are designed to inspire while they blow your mind and your calorie count. Sorry, not sorry. Please inquire for more information.

*Decadence disclaimer:

All joking aside, we are fully committed to healthy eating, nutrition education and sustainable food production. SEM can produce any of our culinary or teambuilding events with a vegan, vegetarian, organic or whole foods approach, and they are simply divine. Special Event Management is a founding sponsor of Urban Seed Foundation, a local organization dedicated to educating at-risk community members through fresh food access, nutrition education and hands on gardening skills. #CommunityGardens #Farm2TableEvents